This guide helps ensure that the i3 brand is marketed in a consistent manner in all marketing materials. We welcome you to use the logo with respect to the guidelines laid out below.

Please read: The preferred background color for the logo is white with the dropshadow intact. Any color that interferes with the logo legibility should not be used.

• The logo on a dark background must have the tagline in white and be clearly visible.
• The logo on a light background must have the tagline in blue and be clearly visible.

i3 Black BG i3 White BG

Logo Size

We have established a minimum size for the logo to ensure that it is legible and makes the necessary impact.

i3 Size

The logo should be no smaller than 75px wide in digital and no smaller than 3/4” wide in print.

Logo Spacing

The space around the logo and icon must be free from distraction and must be a 1/4” from the edge of the logo.

i3 Spacing

Misuse of the Logo

It is important that the logo remain consistent and should not be altered, modified or added to in any way. The design and color should remain intact as laid out in this guideline.

i3 Gradient


Do not modify the gradients in the logo.

i3 Rotate


Do not rotate the logo.

i3 Colors


Do not change the colors of the logo.

i3 Distort


Do not distort the logo in any way.

i3 Apart


Do not take the logo apart or only use certain portions of the logo.

i3 Font


Do not change the font or try to recreate the logo.

Help or Questions

If you are having trouble or have any questions with the information in the guide or the logo files, please fill out the contact form and we will be happy to help.”