The exclusive provider of the most powerful multi-game on the market, POWER VISION!

Power Vision

11% Better

than house average

The best competitive advantage you can ask for, exclusive in demand games that your competition can’t get! Offer Power Vision and watch your win increase just like the other 240+ locations that offer this game!

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Gamblers Bonus

$1 Billion

With Gamblers Bonus you have access to over 60,000 players that play over $1 Billion while logged in to Gamblers Bonus! This is simply because GB offers some of the most recognized promotions in the market, including Four of a kind Bingo, multiplayer races, instant cash promos and much more.

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20% increase

i3 is the fastest growing convenience store promotional system in Nevada. It’s really no wonder why. On average locations that switch to i3 see a 20% increase over the first 12 months!

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Game Tender


Developed for neighborhood gaming operations to accurately track both member and non-member play. View live gaming from your cell phone. Track comps to players and set up relevant reports to be auto emailed to you, for easy gaming management!



We know that exceptional support starts with the dependability of our equipment and regular preventative maintenance. We have the best technicians in the industry and we’re proud of that! Let’s face it issues will eventually arise and when they do you’ll receive fast friendly visits from our experienced technicians.

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We know your location is unique and has unique requirements. There is a solution available for every location that will maximize your gaming revenues while meeting those unique requirements.

Location Licensed

You are the primary gaming license holder. Your business and CGT will share revenue at an agreed upon split percentage. CGT provides all gaming machines and associated equipment.

Vendor Licensed

You are licensed by NGCB to share in revenue but CGT is the primary licensed operator. Your busines and CGT share revenue. CGT provides all gaming machines and associated equipment.

Space Lease

CGT is the only license holder and you receive an agreed upon amount of rent for the games. CGT provides all gaming machines and associated equipment.


As a non-vended account you keep 100% of the gaming win for a simple flat fee. You enjoy the same technologies available to traditionally vended customers. View some of the products.



Nobody else can offer the competitive advantage that we can with Power Vision. Our highest performing multi-game across more than 240+ locations. We have all the games the competition can offer and more with Power Vision!

Power Vision

PERFORMING 11% BETTER THAN HOUSE AVERAGE, Power Vision continues to grow in popularity and is already our best performing multi-game on the route! With new games added periodically this game stays fresh and attractive for players! Attract NEW players and make more money with Power Vision!


The most recognized name in the world of multi-game machines. IGT’s popular line of Game King video poker, keno and slot machines is a must have for any Nevada gaming establishment.

Bally Technologies

The classic Bally V7000 has stood the test of time and is still the favorite of many local Nevada players. A built in 10th coin bonus ofter refered to as the “Bally Bump” provides 2,000 extra coins on a 10-coin royal flush!


Aristocrat Buffalo is the most popular slot game of all time. We were the first to introduce Buffalo to the local gaming market and haven’t looked back since. CGT provides more Aristocrat options than anyone else.



Gamblers Bonus and i3 players play over a BILLION dollars per year. Let us help you reach those players with our support center dedicated to promotional and marketing efforts because our success depends on your success.

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Gamblers Bonus

We’ll help you customize a unique set of promotions that fit your specific business. We can provide art assets to support your marketing efforts and hook you up with some GB branded materials to help along the way. Most of all we help you identify and reach out to good players. Direct player marketing programs keep loyal players coming back for more with no effort or expense on your part.

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Same thing here, we won’t leave you hanging! We’ll have a suggested array of promos and advise on best practices when incorporating new or desired promos. We have i3 branded assets ready for use along side your brand and helpful i3 branded materials to explain the system and advertise availability at your location!

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